altMP3-Slicer is a small utility for slicing up larger MP3 files, such as live recordings or DJ mixes into separate split tracks.

All you need to do is tell MP3-Slicer the time entries on where to  split, and hit go. In moments you will have a list of split tracks.

It's user-friendly, and unlike some other utilities, it utilises the MP3's internal frame boundaries for a more precise slice. -  No blips & cracks!


Free Trial

Try MP3-Slicer free for 30 days! -- The only limitation is 10MB source MP3s. This will allow you to trial the product over smaller files for an idea on what's possible with the full version.

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The cost of MP3-Slicer is just $10.00 USD. You'll receive your own personal unlock code, free updates and support for 12 months.

Orders are usually processed within hours.

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